40 years later

When you’re young there is hardly a time when you question anything except to wonder what is being served for dinner or what you might get for your birthday. As high school students, we went about our lives where the most important thing that crossed our minds was who was having a party on Friday … Continue reading 40 years later

Message in a Bottle

What is your legacy? What do you want the world to know about you after you’re long gone? The impressions we make on the world are infinite. Every time we open our mouth or post a picture on social media, we tell the world what we’re about. We post pictures of landscapes, children, pets and … Continue reading Message in a Bottle

Hit the pause button

It’s been four and half months since Americans were put under some kind of lock down. At first, we could not leave the house at all. Then when we could leave the house, it was only for necessities. We couldn’t have anyone in our cars who weren’t family members. Now we can share a ride … Continue reading Hit the pause button

Life as a Snapshot

When I decided twelve years ago to write a book about my relationship with my father and the effect it had on me as a person, I quickly became troubled by the enormous task in front of me. It seemed daunting and I was certain I would fail just from the shear pressure of believing … Continue reading Life as a Snapshot

July 4, 1969

During the summer months, especially the 4th of July, I am reminded of so many great childhood memories. In the sixties and seventies life was simple. As children, we spent hours away from home with our friends exploring the world around us. We walked or rode our bikes everywhere. Our summers were full of picnics … Continue reading July 4, 1969

Back Up Dad

My father would be 101 years old if he were still alive. He lived to be almost 95 when he died in 2015. He was not a very loving father in the normal sense. He was stingy with affection, respect and adoration. But he taught me to have moxie and grit. He wanted my twin … Continue reading Back Up Dad

The Gift of Baby ‘B’

Sometimes in life we are given a gift. It’s easy to recognize the obvious gifts for they come wrapped in pretty paper with big ribbons and bows. We know when to expect these gifts because there is a date assigned to each of these moments. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, mother’s day and father’s … Continue reading The Gift of Baby ‘B’

Over the rainbow

Celebrating mother’s day is bitter-sweet for many people and for many reasons. It’s especially difficult for those who loved their mothers dearly and can no longer see her sweet, loving face. My mother Marie passed away 10 years ago at the age of 85. Every year on mother’s day and her birthday, I reflect on … Continue reading Over the rainbow

Stay or Fly?

I never lived more than four miles away from my parents my entire life. My twin sister and I commuted to a local state college and with the exception of 12 years, she and I both lived within feet of our parent’s front door. There are some advantages to being so close to your parents … Continue reading Stay or Fly?

The truth about truth

I’ve spent hours thinking about how my life brought me to this moment where I am on the verge of publishing a book that divulges some pretty hefty family secrets. At 57 years old, sitting on my laptop on a Saturday afternoon, I tried to come up with a clever way to introduce you to … Continue reading The truth about truth

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